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Powerlifting is a strength sport, consisting of three events: the squat, the bench press, and the deadlift. The maximum weight lifted in each event is totalled for a final score; lifters compete in bodyweight classes. Powerlifting is of relatively modern origin, with the first formal competitions occurring in the mid 1960s. It is open to both men and women.

In contrast to classical Olympic weightlifting events, where an athlete raises a barbell from the floor to over his head, powerlifting movements are shorter. While both disciplines demand high levels of force production, powerlifting focuses more directly on the rapid force produced by dynamic efforts. The two sports are largely separated by geography, with Olympic weightlifting being more popular in Eastern Europe and Asia (Russia, Turkey, Iran, China, and others), while powerlifting is more popular in Western Europe and North America. However, support for powerlifting is growing worldwide, with Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Indonesia, and Taiwan producing World Champions and World Record holders.

* 1 Events
o 1.1 Squat
o 1.2 Bench press
o 1.3 Deadlift
* 2 Organizations
o 2.1 United States Federations
o 2.2 Canadian Federations
o 2.3 Australian Federations
o 2.4 International Federations
* 3 Controversy and recognition
* 4 External links



The athlete stands under a racked barbell which is loaded with weight. Grabbing the bar from behind, the bar is put onto the top of the back, resting on the trapezius. The athlete walks clear of the rack (unless competing in a federation using a "monolift", a device which supports the bar in place until the lifter is ready), and squats down until the top of the thigh at the hip joint is lower than the top of the knee. Although the bottom position is sometimes described as having the thigh "below parallel" to the floor, the lower thigh may not necessarily appear to be beneath parallel. The lifter then stands up again, and carefully returns the weight to the rack. Disqualification results from the bar making any downward movement after the lifter has started upwards, if the spotters touch the bar in any way, if the lifter does not descend far enough, or if the lifter makes no effort to re-rack the weight under his own power.

Bench press

The athlete lies on a bench. A loaded barbell rests on stands built into the bench above the eye level of the lifter when lying supine on the bench. The athlete removes the bar from the supports with the aid of one or more spotters, lowers it to the chest, pauses, and then presses it up to the full extension of the arms, then carefully returns the weight to the rack. Disqualification results if the bar is placed too low on the body (varies by federation), if the bar does not pause on the chest before being lifted upward (in some federations, an explicit "press" command is given, and the athlete cannot lift upwards until it is given), if the bar fails to touch the chest, if the bar hits the uprights of the rack on the ascent, or if the bar makes any downward motion during the ascent. In addition, the lift is nullified if the feet move during the lift, if the buttocks lift off the bench, or if the body makes any extraneous movement during the lift.


A loaded barbell is placed on the floor. The athlete reaches down, grasps the bar, and lifts it until the legs and back are straight and upright, and the chest proud. The bar is then returned to the floor in a controlled manner. The end of the lift is referred to as 'locking out', which means to straighten the back and lock the knees into a balanced position. Disqualification results from the athlete failing to stand completely upright, or if the bar makes any downward motion during the ascent, or for using the thighs to assist the lift (hitching).

Although powerlifting always uses the squat, bench press and deadlift as events, different federations have different rules and different interpretations of the rules, leading to a myriad of variations. Some federations, such as the ADAU and 100% Raw Federation, allow NO protective gear to be worn by the lifter. Some, such as the IPF and AAU, only allow a single-ply tight polyester squat suit, deadlift suit and bench shirt, wraps for knees and wrists, and a belt. Other federations, such as the IPA and WPO allow opened or closed back bench shirts, multi-ply gear, and a wide array of gear materials such as canvas, denim, polyester etc.

In an IPF bench press, the barbell can go as low as the xiphoid process and no further in the lift, whereas in other federations, the barbell can touch the abdomen. (This shortens the distance in which the barbell is moved and is an advantage to the lifter.)

With the advent of the latest high-tech gear, powerlifting gear usage has become somewhat controversial. For instance, equipment has enabled some gargantuan lifts such as Gene Rychlak's 1005 lb/456 kg bench press and Jeff Lewis's 1201.5 lb/540 kg squat. Yet some argue that allowing equipment that can give 220 lb/100 kg+ of assistance to the lift lessens the point of a purely limit strength sport. However, bench shirts help to prevent pectoral tears and shoulder injuries when lifting very heavy weights by removing much of the load stress from the pectorals and shoulders.

The multiplicity of federations and rules, the behind the scenes politics of Olympic certification, and the use and/or abuse of competition gear makes the inclusion of the sport in the Olympics unlikely. There is no recognition in the Olympics for powerlifting at this time. However, powerlifting is a part of the World Games, which is patronized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). The International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) runs worldwide events and aims to standardise an international competition, and is at the forefront of these kinds of efforts. The IOC recognizes the International Powerlifting Federation as the 'official' world powerlifting body, although other federations maintain a worldwide presence.

International Powerlifting Association - "The greatest powerlifters in the world compete in the IPA. Our creed 'Lifters for Lifters' stands alone.... We come together as one, set out to achieve the same goal---the quest for strength!"

I put this organization first as my first contest in 21 years was an IPA meet, the Iron House Classic, April, 12-13, 2003, in Newark, Ohio, hosted by Iron House Gym. I competed in several more IPA contest after that, including the Iron House meet a second time in 2005.

World Natural Powerlifting Federation - "Where the real drug free powerlifters compete." Three divisions available: raw, single-ply, and unlimited gear.

I'm putting this federation second as I switched to competing in the WNPF in 2006, starting with the western PA Championships April 8, in Beaver Falls.

Powerlifting Federation Rule Cross Reference Chart - By Powerlifter's Corner.

AAU Powerlifting - "The AAU Powerlifting Program is dedicated to promoting and providing competition in Powerlifting and developing and expanding the current programs for lifters of all ages in Equipped competition (using supportive gear) and RAW competition (no supportive gear, only a belt)."

Anti Drug Athletes United - "The purpose of the ADAU is to promote RAW Drug-Free athletics in many sports, with the main concern being POWERLIFTING.

American Powerlifting Association - "The APA is the fastest growing federation in the USA. We offer both drug tested and non tested venues for the lifter." Includes Kilo/ Pound Conversion Chart and Swartz and Malone Formula charts.

International Powerlifting Federation - Official rules, records, meet results, and additional information.

NAP Powerlifting - "Our reason for existence is to bring to all Powerlifters the opportunity to compete in a drug free environment without unreasonable parameters."

NASA Powerlifting - "Natural Athlete Strength Association. Powerlifting, Bench Press, Power Sports." See NASA Regional Website for West Virginia, Virginia, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and Maryland.

Pure Powerlifting - "Home of PA powerlifting." For the USAPL.

Son Light Power - "Son" in this organization's name refers to Jesus Christ, the Son of God. It is also a drug-free. So for these reasons, I like this organization. However, most of its meets are bench/ deadlift meets. And since my best lift in college was the squat, I'm not too thrilled with an organization that leaves it out!

US Powerlifting Championships - "This site is dedicated to the unification of the sport of Powerlifting in the USA."

USA Powerlifting (formerly American Drug Free Powerlifting Association) - Information on upcoming USAPL meets, qualifying totals for national meets, American and national records, coefficient charts, a bi-monthly newsletter, and more.

World Association of Benchers and Deadlifters - "We are an association of lifters who enjoy competing in the single-lift bench press and dead lift on state, national, and international levels. We are a drug-free organization and all meets are drug-tested." Again, I like the drug-free idea but not the idea of leaving squats out.

World Powerlifting Congress/ American Powerlifting Federation - "as the WPC consists of 30 countries worldwide that participate in annual World Championships. We provide competitive and outstanding powerlifting meets, and are successfully known as 'a lifter's organization.'"

World Powerlifting Federation - Official Website. I very much dislike that this organization dropped my out the 114 pound weight class, the weight class that I compete in!

World Powerlifting Organization - A professional powerlifting organization. A good idea, but I very much dislike that this organization eliminated my weight classes: 114s and 123s!

United States Federations

* 100% Raw Powerlifting
* Amateur Athletic Union Powerlifting (AAU)
* American Drug-Free Powerlifting Federation (ADFPF)
* American Powerlifting Association (APA)
* American Powerlifting Committee (APC)
* American Powerlifting Federation (APF)
* Anti Drug Athletes United (ADAU)
* International Powerlifting Association (IPA)
* National Alliance of Powerlifters (NAP)
* Natural Athlete Strength Association (NASA)
* Son Light Power (SLP)
* United States Powerlifting Federation (USPF)
* USA Powerlifting (USAPL)
* World Association of Benchers and Deadlifters (WABDL)
* World Natural Powerlifting Federation (WNPF)

Canadian Federations

* Canadian Powerlifting Association (CPA)
* Canadian Powerlifting Organization (CPO) *as of January, 2006
* Canadian Powerlifting Union (CPU)

Australian Federations

* Powerlifting Australia Inc. (PA)

International Federations

* Global Powerlifting Committee (GPC)
* International Powerlifting Federation (IPF)
* World Drug-Free Powerlifting Federation (WDFPF)
* World Powerlifting Association (WPA)
* World Powerlifting Congress (WPC)
* World Powerlifting Organization (WPO)
* World Association of Bench Pressers and Deadlifters (WABDL)

Controversy and recognition

There have been many controversies in the sport of powerlifting, creating division into the different organizations and limiting the sports mainstream involvement as a widespread standardized sport or being an Olympic event. One of the greatest controversies is over the use of assistance clothing/gear. Many purists believe that assistance equipment reduces powerlifting as a pure limit strength sport. Furthering the complication is not only the use of gear itself, but the stance the main powerlifting organizations take on its use. For example, some federations may allow the use of single ply suits, briefs and shirts, while another may allow triple that amount or none at all. Another is over the growing use of performance enhancing drugs. In addition to these larger problems are small issues with technique such as how long the bar should pause at the bottom of the bench press or the depth that a lifter must squat a weight.
IPF Regional Federations

* Asia Powerlifting Federation
* European Powerlifting Federation (EPF)
* International Powerifting Federation (IPF)
* Oceania Powerlifting Federation

NAPF Member Federation Links

* Barbados Powerlifting & Strength Association
* Canadian Powerlifting Union (CPU)
* St Vincent & The Grenadines Powerlifting Federation
* USA Powerlifting Federation (USAPL)
* Puerto Rico Powerlifting Federation
* Powerlifting Federation of Panama

Miscellaneous Links

* International Olympic Committee (IOC)
* Inzer Advance Designs
* Titan Support Systems
* PLGearOnline
* Unofficial USAPL Forum
* Unofficial Collegiate USAPL Forum
* U.S. Anti-doping Agency (USADA)
* U.S. Olympic Committee (USOC)
* American Powerlifting Association - APA - Rules, meet schedule, contest entry forms, meet results, records, photos.
* American Powerlifting Federation - APF - rules, meets, records, memberships.
* Ball State Powerlifting - Home to some of the most powerful strength athletes in the collegiate ranks.
* British Amateur Weightlifter's Association - BAWLA - Affiliated with IPF Powerlifting and IWF Weightlifting. News, calendar, records, results, photographs, contacts and links.
* California Powerlifting - Includes state records, upcoming meets, results, rules, and general information. It is affiliated with the United States Powerlifting Federation.
* Canadian Drug Free Powerlifting Association - CDFPA - rules, meets, records, and memberships.
* Canadian Powerlifting Union - CPU - records, contest results, events, lifter rankings.
* Carolina Powerlifting - Official web site of North Carolina Powerlifting. Includes records, results, upcoming events, profiles, lifting tools, and related links.
* Council of Australian Powerlifting Organisations - CAPO - records, rules, newsletter, photos, forum.
* European Powerlifting Federation - EPF - This page features records, results, and images.
* Manitoba Powerlifting Association - Competition results, pictures, events, and links to IPF member sites.
* NASA Kentucky Powerlifting - Information about upcoming powerlifting events in the state.
* NASA Powerlifting - Photos, upcoming meets, and links to nutritional and supply companies.
* Natural Powerlifters United - NPU (formerly WNPF) - records, meets, memberships.
* Pan-American Powerlifting Federation - Records, meet results, and federation rules.
* Powerlifting Queensland, Australia - Official state sporting organization for powerlifting in Queensland Australia.
* Qu�bec Powerlifting Federation - Promotes, controls, and develops powerlifting in Qu�bec. Working in accord with the Canadian Powerlifting Union (CPU) and the International Powerlifting Federation (IPF).
* Son Light Power International Powerlifting Federation - Competition results, records, contact information.
* Southern Powerlifting Federation - Event calender, weightlifting news, links, adn information about the organization.
* United States Powerlifting Federation - USPF - records, meets, qualifying totals, memberships.
* USA Powerlifting - USAPL/ADFPA - meets, rules, records, memberships, qualifying totals.
* USA Powerlifting of Minnesota - Information about powerlifting in Minnesota and around the world. Includes news, records, events, photos and message board.
* Westside Barbell Club - [Columbus, Ohio] Provides club information, training videos, results, Louie Simmons' biography, and links.
* World Association of Benchers and Deadlifters - The WABDL is an association of lifters who enjoy competing in the single-lift bench press and deadlift. Includes news, records, membership information, meet results, schedule of meets, and entry forms.

Powerlifting & Strength Discussion Forums

* Anbolix Hardcore Forum
* Anabolic Review Forum
* APF Michigan Powerboards
* Bodybuilding.com Forums
* Brian Siders Forums
* Brute Strength
* Canadian Powerlifting Association Forum
* Canadian Powerlifting Union Forum
* ChicagoPowerlifting
* Crain's Power Forum
* Deepsquatter.com Forums
* Diablo Barbell Forum
* Dr Squats Training Forum
* Elite Fitness Discussion Boards
* Firecracker's Pit Forum
* Fortified Iron Forum
* Freak Forum
* GoHeavy Forums
* Hardcore Powerlifters Only
* IPA Forum
* Iron Addicts
* Iron Gladiators
* Iron Mass
* Iron Trybe
* Joe Skopec's Power Forums
* MMI Powertraining
* Monster Magazine Forum
* Newman's Gym Forum
* North Georgia Barbell Forum
* Powerlifting from the Bayou
* Ryan Kenelly Forum
* Rychlak Power Systems Forum
* Supertraining
* Texas Power Scene Forum
* TotalElite
* USAPL Forum
* USPF Forum
* Wannabe Big
* Weightlifting Discussion Forum
* Weight Trainers United Forum
* Westsidebar.net
* WPA -APA Power Forum
* WPC - APF Powerlifting Forum


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